Pyramid healing or Pyramidology

by Kim Nash

804529_548642045303425_1366751512_nAs you know, Theresa and I have recently tried meditating and neither of us got on particularly well, both finding it difficult to completely switch off.

Not long after I lost my mom to cancer 9 years ago, I met and had readings from the most amazing medium called Michelle Davies and it’s her business Eternal Soul Holistics which I visit from time to time and treat myself.  The last time I popped in Michelle showed me about her pyramid healing room and I really fancied trying it out.  I went on Tuesday this week and Theresa asked me to write about my experience here and share it with you all.

Pyramid healing or pyramidology shows EEG patterns akin to that seen in people doing transcendental meditation.  Michelle’s room has orgonite crystal moulded in capstone as well which adds a huge amount of added healing benefits.

Here’s a bit more about it which I hope you’ll find really interesting and then at the end I’ll talk about how my experience was.

The experiences of meditating inside a Pyramid are remarkable. People get a feeling of relaxation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and tranquility. If they sleep in a pyramid, their sleep will be deep and they wake up refreshed; only few hours of sleep will give total relaxation. If you read inside the pyramid, you can do it with greater concentration and understanding. Agricultural experts showed that plant growth is enhanced by the electromagnetic phenomenon within the Pyramid. Water placed in the pyramid has curative properties especially for chronic skin disorders. Pyramid can put a break to the ageing process, as demonstrated in lower forms of life. Women sleeping in pyramids get their periods regular and normal and stop any dysmenorrhoea. Pyramids accumulate several different types of energies like negative ions, electromagnetic and cosmic vibrations. Even grains of sand from certain places have positive therapeutic effects due to their pyramidal shape.

12200737_548642035303426_1564698017_nThe USA has shown that growth rate of plants increase by 15% when grown under pyramids. The beneficial effects of pyramids have led to the construction of pyramidal schools, recreation halls and warehouses. The Soviets in their pyramid Research Department of Leningrad University are well ahead and have even instruments to measure pyramid power and they are on the brink of some exciting discoveries like negative ion green therapy. The Pyramids help to increase crop yield by 3 times, correct faulty vision, deafness, increase longevity of life, increase the 1Q of children and increase your vitality and sex drive.

It can cure mental ailments with minimal drugs, chronic skin diseases like Psoriasis. It can help to give painless labour to the pregnant women. It is proving to be the answer for cancer which is very favourably influenced even with minimum drugs. It is the lasting cure for Bronchial Asthma, Eczema, and other allergic conditions Rheumatoid arthritis and similar collagen and autoimmune diseases. It is probably most effective in Hypertension, Ischemic heart diseases, and Degenerative diseases like Diabetic Osteoarthritis.

Certain environments are healthier than others and are famous for their relaxing air and curative properties because of the high concentration of negative ions there. Pyramids provide one such environment. There are very many actions that negative ions have on our body:
(1) Reduce heart rate and B.P
(2) Increase vital capacity of lungs and the ciliary movement of the lining ciliary epithelium.
(3) Improve the functions of the hormones producing glands.
(4) Improve mental functions, concentration, emotional equilibrium judgement, intelligence .
(5) Reverse the effects of the positive ions.

So, what happened when I went into the pyramid room?

I immediately felt a sense of calm and tranquillity something which is very rare in my very busy life.  Soft and relaxing music was being played.  The room was really warm but in my body, I felt cold.  When I first saw Michelle after my mom had passed away, she told me that I would know when mom was around me as I would feel cold! It was always a nice comforting feeling when I got a freezing cold sensation around me and I had this in the room.

I didn’t sleep but I did feel totally relaxed, at times feeling like my hands had turned into tree roots.  Michelle explained that this is probably because I was being grounded. I saw colours, first pinks and purples and then bright greens and yellows.  Michelle explained that the pinks and purples indicated a feminine presence and the yellows greens were healing colours and this was my chakras being balanced.

Another feeling I experienced, and I can’t describe it in any other way than a whooshing feeling or a wave going though my body from head to toe.  Again, Michelle explained that this would be my chakras being aligned and healing taking place.

I asked my mom to show me a sign that she was with me, and I immediately saw a white pyramid of light in my head.  But the top part of my head felt like an empty space which just had this stunning pyramid with bright shining white light coursing out of it.

12179237_548642038636759_59944114_nNormally, if I’d sat for an hour doing absolutely nothing, I would be climbing the walls with frustration as I’m the sort of person who feels like they have to fill every five minutes of my life with something, but I didn’t feel any pressure to be thinking of anything at all, or have the constant whirring in my head of what’s for tea, what shopping do I need to do, what’s on my work plan, what housework do I need to do, do I need to do washing and ironing etc. etc.

When my hour was up and the timer went off, I felt absolutely amazing.  I felt completely rejuvenated and full of life and energy.   I am SO going to make this a regular thing.  I loved it and felt incredible.

I really do think that being away from home helped me to relax and perhaps when I’ve tried to meditate before and failed, I just needed to be in a different environment.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine last night and she said that after me saying that home isn’t right for me to mediate in, she said that she fet the same and might go to the park or the beach to do her relaxation! I was very envious of the fact that she said she lived five minutes from the ocean!

So, in all, I would highly recommend pyramid healing.  I thought it was incredible!

Have you ever tried any of this type of alternative healing? If so, please do share your experiences with us.


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