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Meet the Parapsychologist: Mr Callum E. Cooper

Cal CooperMeet the Parapsychologist: Mr Callum E. Cooper

One of the criticisms I have constantly faced during the many years I have been writing about heaven, angels and the spirit world is that there is no proof. I hope what you read here will show you that things are moving beyond the purely anecdotal and finding actual proof of heaven is much closer than you think.

Around the world there are a handful of courageous scientists, academics and doctors currently collecting data to potentially prove the existence of an afterlife. It is impossible to mention them all, but leading the way is Dr Sam Parnia from the University of Southhampton and his compelling studies on Near Death Experiences, or NDEs, which offer the first scientific indications that consciousness may very well survive death. The Windbridge Institute in Arizona is conducting ground-breaking research on mediumship and the data collected there will blow your mind. You can read an interview I recently did with Dr Julie Beischel, the co-founder and director of Windbridge, at this link, and in Heaven Called My Name which will be published in November, 2016 by Piatkus, I discuss the current scientific approach to heaven or survival of consciousness in more detail.

The scientists conducting survival research have my endless admiration, as science tends to dismiss the possibility of the paranormal and survival research is viewed with extreme skepticism, but it is promising that at long last even the scientific community is gradually starting to accept that there is just too much data out there to dismiss. In other words, whatever skeptics say people are having these spiritual and psychic experiences every day and science needs to address this. What these brave scientists and academics need now to continue their important research is data that can be scientifically recorded and validated.

Real Life X Files

This is where you could help and offer your support. I’m going to introduce you now to a brilliant parapsychologist based at the University of Nottingham called Callum E. Cooper. Cal got in touch with me a few years ago to see if I would share some of my afterlife stories for him to use as possible data for his PhD research into afterlife communication. I was happy to oblige and the result was a fascinating book called Telephone Calls from the Dead which can be purchased on amazon. Since then, Cal has won prestigious academic awards and is on track to become Britain’s – perhaps one day even the world’s – foremost parapsychologist. I am just thrilled that for now he is opening up a real life X Files for my readers to contribute to.

If you have any afterlife or angel stories that you would like to share with Cal, so he can use it as data for his important research, please do get in touch with him at the address and contact details below. Please send your stories to me too, as I love reading every one of them, and would like to use them in my future books if I can, but if you also send to Cal you will know that you are playing your part in bringing science and spirit closer together and perhaps even building a case for the existence of heaven. You will also be helping remove the lingering taboo among academics and scientists about paranormal research.

The more data we have the closer we are to actually proving heaven is real so please find it in your hearts to play your part in the angel power revolution. Every angel story, every piece of data, every heaven book published, every survival and paranormal research study is a step towards the light.

The truth is out there, angels. You can help Cal find it!


Letter: Cal Cooper,
University of Northampton
Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes

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  1. karen williams on January 30, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    this is very exciting Teresa. Also great to know that someone so close to me geographically -ie Southampton – is doing NDE work.
    I feel my book TREASURE, although not about communication with the ‘dead’ i so jam-packed with SIGNS from the invisible spiritual realm -SIGNS WHICH I CONSIDERED A LANGUAGE FROM THE SPIRIT REALM AND SO DECIDED TO FOLLOW – that it too could be considered evidential for the existence of an after-life.
    Much love Karen xxxxxxxxxxx

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