Reader stories: My Incredible Near Death Experience

This incredible story was sent to me by my reader Mary. If you’d like to share your story with email me at [email protected]

“When I was in my thirties I had a serious operation on my nose which left me with terrible migraines. After the procedure when the nurse removed my nose packs, which were full of blood she left the room leaving me on my own. 

Even though she told me not to I looked in the mirror and collapsed with the shock of seeing my nose spread half way across my face. I was in a great deal of pain and very weak going in and out of consciousness. I was hanging almost upside down with my poor nose half an inch from the floor when I realised that my breath was slowly leaving my body and that I was going to die.

At that moment I just knew with the utmost certainty that dying was just a cessation of your breath, there was no pain and I was purely and simply just letting go. It felt so easy and welcome and it was what I wanted as I simply had no more fight left in me.

At the same time though I was also trying to hit the panic button by the bed to alert the nurses, or at least my physical body was. After what seemed like an interminable time, I hit the button, but I had crossed over, and was out of my body, rising slowly and effortlessly to the ceiling above my body and into the light. I felt no pain whatsoever and I was as free as a bird soaring towards the light at a great speed of knots.

I was observing the scene below when suddenly the door burst open and in came the nurses and a doctor alerted by the emergency. I watched them from above my body, taking my blood pressure, my temperature, and pulse readings but I had already gone.

They wrapped me up in a foil blanket and started compressions on my chest while I watched from the ceiling, above the top of the wardrobe and then from the light in the tunnel. I was perfectly at peace out of my body, pain free, soaring, light as a feather without any of the constraints of a physical body, and under no circumstances did I want to go back into my body and live again amongst all the pain, and angst and unhappiness and hurt i’d felt during my life.  I was free, and I knew with the utmost certainty that we are all simply a spirit, inhabiting a physical body during our time here on earth, and that I’d been here before, many times and in many guises and will be back again in many more.

After what seemed like an interminable time, I heard this very loud voice saying to me: “You have to go back now, your time on earth is not over yet and you still have many things to do.”

It was a male very authoritative voice, and the next thing I knew I went slam bang straight back into my body. The heaviness of my body engulfed me and the humungous pain started again. I was not happy, I wanted to stay where I was and where i’d just been, and had just had a glimpse of. Gradually the nurses found that my vital signs were beginning to show life and I came back slowly but surely.

I left hospital several days later; nothing was mentioned husband to me by the doctors and nurses about what happened.

It took me a long time to come to terms with what had happened to me for a long time I didn’t tell a soul as I knew no one would believe me and I was afraid of ridicule. Eventually I told my husband and mum, and over the years I have shared this story with some close friends. I have been told by a couple of mediums since, that I was given this experience to show me that there is “life after death” and that we never truly die – our spirit lives on – only our bodies die and decay. I also believe that we go to a place that is “life between lives”, where WE decide when we come back down to earth and who we choose for our parents, and choose what lessons we need to learn before coming back down to earth again.”

From Mary Lane

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  1. P.wall on January 17, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    Amazing… this also happened to my dad many years ago when he suffered a heart attack ..

  2. Jeanne C on January 18, 2019 at 12:14 am

    I love these stories. A trusted psychic medium told me that between a stroke and a later brain bleed, my brain had been rewired as if I’d had an NDE. I believe it!

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