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A Spirit in the Mail

Dear kindred spirits,

Double page feature by me in the Daily Mail today (30 Nov) about the reality of spirit and the paranormal. It’s based around my latest book: Answers from Heaven (published by Piatkus) written with medium Claire Broad and Dr Julie Beischel which is already an Amazon bestseller in first week of publication. The Mail online reaches 200 million. Here’s the link:

Last week I was on ITV Good Morning Britain debating theological issues with Piers Morgan and Daniel M Jones about another book I recently had the honour to collaborate on: This TV interview was a controversial talking point and as a result trended on twitter and even made it to World Religion News.

Next year perhaps my most exciting collaboration yet is with Dr Julia Mossbridge (and a foreword by Dr Dean Radin) for a book published by Watkins about the reality of precognition. It will be called The Premonition Code: How sensing the future can change your life.

By joining forces with amazing scientists, psychics, healers, academics and spiritualists in my books I’m doing everything I can to make the paranormal more mainstream and less likely to be marginalised and dismissed. Also for the first time this year two of my titles – 21 Rituals and Answers from Heaven – got translation deals with Chinese and Arabic publisher. My books already translated into over 30 different languages but this was breaking new ground. I’m going for global domination ? Only joking – it’s all about spreading the word that we are all one in spirit.

Thank you for your belief, love and support. You are awesome.

Love, Theresa x

P:S Here’s link to recent talk with Claire at Watkins books you might enjoy.

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