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Theresa CheungPerhaps you are here because you have read one of my books or perhaps you stumbled across this site accidentally or perhaps you found it when doing research or browsing information online about the world of spirit and the existence of an afterlife.
However you came to be here, trust me you are meant to be here, as nothing in our lives is truly random. You are here for a reason. You are visiting this site because you are a spiritual being having a human experience not a human being have a spiritual experience and your spirit wants you to be here.

If you would like to read more of my books, or check out my latest or upcoming title, please go to the relevant pages but I sincerely hope you will also visit the ‘contact me’ page and send me your stories, experiences and insights. It may take a while but I will do my best to answer everyone who writes to me. You may not realise it but sending your stories to me to share with a wider audience in my books is making a very real difference and bringing comfort, light and hope to people all over the world.

About me…

I was born into a family of spiritualists and studied Theology and English at King’s College, Cambridge University before launching into a career in education and then journalism and writing.

I have been writing books about the psychic world for over twenty five years now – some of which have gone onto become Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers, some have been translated into 25 different languages and my internationally bestselling mind body spirit Encylopedias are still selling strongly – yet I have never claimed to be a psychic or a medium.

I am just an ordinary woman who has had extraordinary experiences. The turning point though for my belief came in my early thirties. Up until that point, although I believed in heaven, I had had no psychic experience to prove it to myself but in my early 30s I clearly heard the voice of my mother in spirit calling my name at a busy junction urging me to take the right path. Instead of heading left as I had originally intended I turned right and that split second change of mind saved my life.

There have been moments of serious doubt and crisis along the way but I have never truly lost my passion for spreading the word that the afterlife is real.

I’m not asking you to agree with me – or even to believe – all I’m asking you to do is to open your mind to the very real possibility that heaven exists. Open your mind to that wonderful possibility and you may just find that your life transforms in magical ways.

My mother, grandmother and great aunt were all respected psychics and it was common place for me to watch their spiritualist demonstrations. My earliest memory is when I was around 5. My great aunt was in front of an audience and speaking to someone about a departed loved one and I saw that person cry and smile at the same time and as a child wondered how that was possible. I remember seeing them when they came in and they looked sad but when they left they looked lighter, freer and brighter. I was in awe from that moment on and longed to inspire and comfort in the same way but as mentioned above I couldn’t see spirit and it took me close to four decades of spirit searching to find my spiritual path in life and start to see heaven within and around me.

Sending love and happy thoughts your way.


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