Perhaps you are here because you have read one of my books or features or heard one of my talks, interviews or podcasts. Or perhaps you stumbled across this site accidentally or perhaps you found it while researching dreams, intuition, astrology, angels, afterlife and other spiritual, now age, themes.

However you came to be here, thank you from my heart and soul for your precious time and interest. You can find out a little more about me in the 'About Me' section on this page below, but in short I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. I have dedicated my life to researching and promoting the profoundly transformative and healing power of what is invisible, infinite and unseen in our lives. Along the way I have collaborated with leading scientists and neuroscientists researching consciousness and written a series of bestselling books, covering a huge variety of mystical topics. 

If you would like to check out some of my books, please go to the Books pages for some of my recent titles. You can also check out some of the promotion I have done in recent years on the Media page. But I sincerely hope you will also visit the Contact Me page and send me your stories, experiences and insights. It may take a while but I will do my best to answer everyone who writes to me. You may not realise it but sending your stories to me to share with a wider audience in my books is making a very real difference and bringing comfort, light and hope to people all over the world. Can't thank you enough. 

Theresa Cheung - This Morning

About Me

Theresa Cheung has been researching and writing about spirituality, dreams and the paranormal for the past twenty-five years. She has a degree from Kings College, Cambridge University in Theology and English and several international bestselling books, including two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers to her credit. Her Dream Dictionary from A to Z (Harper Collins) is regarded as a classic in its field. Her spiritual books have been translated into over 40 languages. She has numerous features published online and in leading newspapers and magazines and is fast becoming known as the Queen of Dreams.

Theresa’s media appearances include: BBC Sounds podcast Different with Nicky Campbell, BBC Radio 2 with Claudia Winkleman, ITV This Morning (regular dreams and spiritual expert) GMTV with Piers Morgan, KTLA, Good Day Chicago with Terrence Lee, Digital Social Hour with Sean Mike Kelly, Buddha at the Gas Pump, Lavendaire, Listen Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, Workin on It with Megan and Ryan Trainor and decoding dreams live on ITV, Coast to Coast AM, Channel 4, BBC Local radio and Capital radio. Visit the Media page for some snap shots.

Theresa has also given numerous workshops at venues such as Olympia, Alexandra Palace and The College of Psychic Studies as well as dream decoding talks for companies such as Anthropologie, Beauty Bay, Dynavision, Shisedio and Hearst Magazine group.  She co-hosted the 2022 dream work summit for The Shift Network, is included in the 2023 list of the 100 Most Spiritually influential people in the world, works closely with scientists studying consciousness and has her own popular spiritual podcast: White Shores, as well as author pages on Instagram, Facebook and X



Seven week online precognitive dreamwork course with The Shift Network.

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Geoff Thompson, BAFTA winning writer and bestselling author

She is brilliant, she is seminal, she is courageous, she is deeply informed and - I have no doubt - she is touched by angels

Dermot O Leary

The best bit on the show (ITV This Morning) was dreams with Theresa. She is quite transcendent, she took you somewhere. She is amazing.

Dr Dean Radin, chief scientist, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, bestselling author of Real Magic

The Truth about Angels offers intriguing speculations about the shimmering boundaries between angelic experiences and the edges of modern science.

Dr Helane Wahbeh, Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Science University, Research Director at IONS and associated full professor for the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology PHD degree

The belief in angels and other multi-dimensional beings, whether they are 'real' or not, is pervasive and has been present throughout recorded history. In The Truth about Angels, Theresa does a beautiful job of laying out what we know, what we don't and how to listen deeply for support from the invisible realms.

Eben Alexander

Theresa offers fascinating and practical advice to aid people in personally exploring mind-bending concepts and applying them to their own lives.

Dr Julia Mossbridge, neuroscientist, Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Executive Director, TILT: The Institute for Love and Time

What I love about Cheung's work is she takes human experience seriously, and helps explain what could be strange and mysterious in terms that are understandable to everyone. In The Truth About Angels, she even touches on the cutting-edge science of the mysterious - in a way that gets you thinking about all that we may discover about prophets and messengers in years to come.

Deepak Chopra

Theresa Cheung shows us that the way forward is to understand that consciousness/spiritual awareness is the fundamental ground of all experience.

Theresa is represented by leading New York based literary agency

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