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Afterlife Science

This page is a place where I will share posts and information about the research which is being done around proving that there is an afterlife. Also be sure to visit to collect three FREE gifts dedicated to my readers from the prestigious Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). 

Please also visit the video library on my Theresa Cheung author page on Facebook to see a series of videos by the science team at IONS talking exclusively to my readers about their ground breaking research. You can listen to Dr Dean Radin talking about mind influencing matter, Dr Julia Mossbridge talking about precognition, Dr Garett Yount talking about mind body healing, Dr Helene Wahbeh talking about channeling, Dr Arnaud Delorme talking about afterlife research and Dr Cassandra Vieten talking about scientific investigation of the psychic world.

Dr Julie Beischel

Dr Julie Beischel

I have written a couple of posts recently about this and you can find an interview with Dr Julie Beischel who is studying the work of mediums scientifically here.

Callum E Cooper

Callum E Cooper

And I have also introduced the wonderful Callum E Cooper.
Cal is a parapsychologist who has won prestigious academic awards
Dr Julia Mossbridge

Dr Julia Mossbridge

Dr Julia Mossbridge, M.A (neuroscience), PhD (communication science & disorders), is visiting scientist and director of the Innovation Lab at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), the Founder and Research Director of Mossbridge Institute, LLC, a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, and the Science Director of the internet startup [email protected]: music to improve concentration.
I interviewed Dr Mossbridge in February and that interview can be found via the read more link below.
Dr Mossbridge also recorded a video specifically for our facebook page. That video can be found by clicking here.


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