Video from Dr Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD.

Theresa Cheung

I am bursting with pride to get this video from Dr Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD. This lady is a neurosurgeon, doctor, phone app award winner, director of innovation lab at IONs which is part funded by Pixar:) Here is a short video that she recorded especially for me and the people in our Facebook group.  …

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Seeing the future: Dr Julia Mossbridge

Dr Julia Mossbridge

Dr Julia Mossbridge, M.A (neuroscience), PhD (communication science & disorders), is visiting scientist and director of the Innovation Lab at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), the Founder and Research Director of Mossbridge Institute, LLC, a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, and the Science Director of the internet startup Focus@Will: music…

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A Cape of Warmth

By Kim Nash I first knew Theresa when I read one of her books and I got in touch with her by email and was added to her mailing list.  One day I got an email to say that she was writing a book called Angel Babies  and she was asking for stories.  I sent her…

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Seeing Spirits with Dawn Dickinson

You may ask who Dawn Dickinson is and why would you want to read about her.   I’m going to pass over to Dawn and she’ll explain more. Well I’m no one special really just an ordinary person who has a keen interest in Spirits Ghosts and Spiritualism and I regularly attend ghost hunts and Spiritualist meetings. I…

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Meet the Parapsychologist: Mr Callum E. Cooper

Meet the Parapsychologist: Mr Callum E. Cooper One of the criticisms I have constantly faced during the many years I have been writing about heaven, angels and the spirit world is that there is no proof. I hope what you read here will show you that things are moving beyond the purely anecdotal and finding…

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Investigating Mediums: Interview with Dr. Julie Beischel

Dr Julie Beischel

Dr. Julie Beischel, Co-founder and Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential in Tucson, Arizona, forfeited a potentially lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue rigorous scientific research of consciousness with psychic mediums full-time. Dr Beischel received her doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology from the University of Arizona…

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The Real Thing!

A few people have asked how Kim knew that the medium she went to see was the real deal.  So I’ve asked her to write a few words about her experience.    Over to you Kim.   Thanks so much Theresa.  I hope that this helps people to understand why I had complete faith in…

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Would you recommend going to a medium?

I know how much my friend and colleague Kim misses her mum and what comfort visiting a medium has given her. I asked her to write her thoughts down and what she wrote brought tears to my eyes as I know it will speak to anyone who has lost a loved one. Let me know…

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Laughter yoga! What’s that?

Kim met a really interesting lady called Sue Haswell recently who practices and teachers laughter yoga. We were fascinated by this and wanted to find out more so asked her some questions.  Hope you enjoy reading about it. So what is laughter yoga?  Laughter Yoga is a form of yoga that was developed by a medical…

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