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White Shores | #9 Conversations with Ghosts with Dr Callum E. Cooper

In today’s episode I talk to parapsychologist, psychologist, author and science promoter Dr Callum E Cooper about dreams of the departed, afterlife visitations, conversations with the dead, hauntings and so much more. For more info on Callum and his work please check out where you can watch his popular and engaging videos: and…

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White Shores | #8 Meet Pixar cofounder, Oscar winner and extraordinary scientist, Loren Carpenter

Theresa talks to Oscar Winner and Pixar cofounder, now Scientist at IONS, Loren Carpenter about researching the paranormal scientifically – and where he keeps his Oscars! To find out more information about Loren visit the following: Here is the link to my reader page at IONS Also in this podcast Theresa shares…

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White Shores | Episode #4 True Magic with Dr Dean Radin

In this episode of White Shores I talk to Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and bestselling author of Real Magic Dr Dean Radin about whether science is actually proving the reality of psychic powers. We talk about my close association with the science team at the Institute of Noetic sciences (IONS)…

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White Shores | Episode #3 Is there anybody there?

In this episode of White Shores I speak to two incredible mediums who share with me everything there is to know about the afterlife. Claire Broad is a professional medium who I discovered when I went on a search for a medium I found to be credible. After watching her do demonstrations incognito I invited…

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White Shores | Episode #2 Dr Julie Beischel The Medium Whisperer

In this episode of White Shores I talk to Dr Julie Beischel the scientist who researches and investigates mediums. Dr Beischel is the world expert in mediumship research and investigation and set up the Windbridge Research Center which she discusses on the show. For further reading… Windbridge Research Center Julie is a published author…

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Introducing White Shores

I’m so thrilled to present my brand new podcast White Shores, for spiritual beings having a human experience. Each week i’ll bring you fascinating interviews with some of the world’s greatest minds, sharing inspiration on personal growth and helping you create the eternal life of your dreams. Never miss an episode by subscribing on Apple…

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