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Daily Rituals: Evening Reflection

Journaling at the end of each day is an extremely powerful ritual. It’s not about keeping a secret ...
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Daily Rituals: Rise and shine

Several recent studies from the University of Toronto and published in Harvard Review confirm that there is a ...
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7 simple ways to switch on your sixth sense

If you have ever had a feeling that something might happen and it did, or had a dream ...
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Is Trump really a Gemini?

Every person is a mystery but Trump’s personality is particularly hard to interpret. Astrology is a tool that ...
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Daily rituals: Smile in the Mirror

You're never fully dressed without a smile is how the saying goes and morning ritual number five from ...
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The Second Secret of Heaven

The Second Secret of Heaven is the transformative power of prayer. The measure of our prayer is the ...
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An extraordinary conversation with heaven

Sincerely hope this blog speaks to you. Do sign up to my newsletter to be notified about future ...
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The first secret of heaven

The first Secret of Heaven is sensational awareness. If you enjoy this blog do sign up to my ...
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Lost in Space: The eternal journey

Dear spiritual seekers, This 3 min video is for all those who feel they have lost their meaning ...
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Theresa Cheung

A Spirit in the Mail

Dear kindred spirits, Double page feature by me in the Daily Mail today (30 Nov) about the reality ...
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