Claire Broad - Thersa Cheung

Claire Broad talks exclusively to Theresa Cheung readers

In this 2 minute video respected medium Claire Broad talks exclusively to Theresa Cheung readers about what happens when we die.

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  1. Phil Lenton on October 30, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Claire
    Thanks for you comments on Theresa’s web site, I’m sure you are correct in what you have said.
    I felt urged to drop you note! I had a lovely experience in 2008, where I had lost my job and was attending a interview with a company, who I had known for a number of year, through my work.
    During the interview the Company Director popped in to say ‘how well they thought of me and that I was highly regarded’!
    At that precise moment I could see four spirit’s behind me! I was facing the other way and was in conversation with the Director. I could see them ‘through the back of my head’!!

    One of the spirits was shouting & dancing on hearing that I was ‘highly regarded’! Another spirit was trying to calm this spirit down! The experienced only lasted a few second’s, but one that has stayed with me & always will. Also this moment gave me a lovely warm feeling of love & joy. And they offered me the job.

    I thought you would appreciated this little message. As I know it happened to me , I have no doubt.

    With love & best wishes


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