Theresa Cheung

Reader stories: Dying Young

This deeply moving story sent to my email by Joyce.

‘Dear Theresa, I know that we are more than our bodies. I know that because I believe that I have seen heaven. When I was twelve I was in a riding accident and doctors struggled to revive me. Sounds strange but dying young was the best thing to happen to me -I had a vision on the operation table. I floated above my body for a while and then I was in this glittering country side. I was beside a lake and my grandparents on my mother’s side were there with me as was my beloved dog Sandy who died when I was ten. It was so exciting to see them and I wanted to tell them so much but they told me that there wasn’t time now, I would have to wait. They also told me that even though they wanted me with them my life on earth was precious and I needed to live more moments before I came back. At that instant everything disappeared and next thing I can recall is my mother’s voice at my bedside.

I’m eighty years old now and I know that I haven’t got too many years left in me. When my time comes to ‘die old’ I know that I have nothing to fear but until that time I am going to do what I have done all my life and follow the advice I was given in heaven. I am going to live every moment to the full. I going to tell my family and friends how much I love them and I’m going to help others and be kind as much as I can. Dying young taught me that every moment is a gift and I don’t intend to waste a second.

Love, Joyce’

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