Is Trump really a Gemini?

Every person is a mystery but Trump’s personality is particularly hard to interpret. Astrology is a tool that can help us understand ourselves and others better but can it help us understand the real Trump? At first glance you would think absolutely not.

Trump was born on the 14 June, a Gemini and key words for that sign are: eloquent, communicative, creative, and intelligent. There are more journalists, writers and academics born under the sign of Gemini than any other sign. Surely Trump doesn’t fit the typical description of a Gemini! We’ve all read his tweets, Surprisingly, he does.

In 2005 I wrote a book for Harper Collins about how the day a person was born can be a user’s guide to their personality, their potential and even their destiny. I created a psychological profile based on both science (yes, there are serious academic studies which show that people born at certain times of the year have certain personality traits!) and astrology. The book was also blessed with the gift of talented gothic artist Andy Paceriok’s 366 symbolic drawings for each day of the year.

Little did I know that this book would develop a cult following. Over the years people have written to me to say how astonishingly accurate it has been and how sometimes they have even changed their lives as a result. You can read some of those reviews on Amazon. The book is called The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays. In it I revealed that each day of the year has stunning potential and a unique destiny but also challenges to overcome and a dark and a light side to balance.

When I found out last year that Trump was born on 14 June I was convinced my Birthday book would at last have a serious flaw. There is no way a charming Gemini could be as bombastic as he is!

Then I read the profile I created for that day. I can’t help but feel that if Trump had somehow mastered the challenge associated with this birthdate and learned how to manage his dark side and seek out his light he would be the great President he tells everyone he is. You see our date of birth offers us our potential strengths and weaknesses but it is up to us to choose whether we follow the dark or the light side of our potential. We can dance or we can sleep under the stars! Trump appears to have forgotten there are stars above him altogether!

Here are extracts from June 14, the birthday of Donald Trump so you can make up your own mind on his birthday personality accuracy. Next month I’ll share the birthday profile for little Prince Louis born on April 23. If you can’t wait until then or want to discover your own birthday personality and destiny do seek out The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays: Discover your true personality, Reveal your Destiny published by Harper Collins. (Note the paperback edition does not contain the full profile, it is the hard-back version that has proved most accurate and popular over the years.)

June 14: The Birthday of THE SUPERVISOR

Destiny: To lead, motivate and inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn that their opinion is just an opinion and that others have valuable contributions to make as well. Once they have learned to take the views and feelings of others into consideration, their destiny is to do what they do best: lead, motivate and inspire others.

June 14: Power Thought

Today I will be kind to everyone I meet

Your greatest challenge is…

Resisting the urge to always take charge

On the dark side

Bossy, confrontational, abrupt

At your best

Persistent, authoritative, courageous

Luck maker

Treat everyone with respect

Treat important people as if they are important and treat less important people as if they were important too. You never know who might hold the key to your good fortune one day.


The bold individuals born on June 14 often have a powerful desire to take charge of people or situations, whether these are co-workers, friends or family, or projects that need to be supervised. Their instinctive urge to take control stems from their ability to observe what is going on around them and sum up quickly what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

The supreme confidence they have in their convictions is the result of their strong self-belief and their inability to stand on the side lines when work needs to be done. It’s no surprise that they often make inspirational and dynamic leaders, but their actions can sometimes be perceived as bossy, chaotic and abrupt by those who prefer to make their own minds up. Unfortunately, when their methods or behaviour are challenged they can become impatient and confrontational, and this can work against them, especially in their personal relationships. It is important for them to make a real effort to anticipate the reactions that their forcefulness can arouse in others.

Until the age of thirty-seven they may focus on their emotional security, and it is important during these years that they take advantage of opportunities to develop a greater awareness and consideration of the feelings of others. After the age of thirty-eight they enter a period of increased strength and confidence and, given their already well-developed self-confidence, they need to make sure that their direct approach does not tip over into arrogant certainty as this will alienate others from them.

Above all, they have clear-cut and strong opinions, together with a compulsion to take uncompromising direct action to achieve their far-sighted visions. They are also willing to work very hard, making considerable sacrifices for the people or causes close to their heart. Once they learn to respect the sensitivities of others, they have the potential not just to be outstanding supervisors but to make outstanding leaders and contributors to whatever field they choose to devote their prodigious energies, forthright opinions and powerful intellect.

Career: Born CEOs

These people love the written word and all things to do with the media, and they would therefore excel in careers in publishing, film, journalism, or television. They also make gifted CEOs and business leaders, and their strongly competitive nature might also draw them to the world of commerce and business in general.

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