My New Book

The Sensitivity Code: Life strategies for thriving in an overwhelming world

Last year I followed my intuition and signed with Bookouture Hachette for the launch of their digital non fiction imprint, Thread. I followed my intuition as felt strongly that low cost digital might be the future for publishing - I just didn’t realise that future would come so fast with the virus slowing down the availability of hard copies. Anyway, my first title - The Sensitivity Code - is £2.99 and can be downloaded at the following links

Have you ever been told to toughen up or stop taking everything so seriously? Or do you feel that in a harsh world – where the way to get noticed is to shout the loudest – your heartfelt approach just doesn’t cut it?

Some of us are born sensitive. We live our lives vividly through the lens of emotion and with our senses perpetually on high alert.

Even those whom others might label ‘insensitive,’ will experience times in their lives when their innate sensitivity is activated and they feel overwhelmed, or sense and feel things they can’t explain.

Based on strategies proven to be effective by scientists and psychologists, combined with her own research including real stories, Theresa Cheung will show you how to unlock the potential of your sensitivity. She’ll guide you through the steps that will transform the challenges of being a gentle person into a strength and shine a light on how traits such as empathy, intuition, creativity and compassion have the power to unite us.

The Sensitivity Code is a vital resource for the highly sensitive, anyone who has gone through sensitive times or simply longed for the world to be a little kinder.

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Release Date: May 15, 2020

ISBN: 9781838885137