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The Truth About Angels - Theresa Cheung


The Truth about Angels is the one book you need to discover the angels within. 

With the world in turmoil, spiritual forces are needed more than ever before. Harnessing the angel and new age movement can help you make sense of life when it feels directionless. Angels provide us with hope and illuminate a new path forward. They are appearing with more frequency and intensity in both our daily lives and our dreams as they're wanting us to see, hear and know them because, consciously or unconsciously, we have collectively been asking for them.

Rather than visiting or becoming dependent on gurus, psychics or mediums, expert Theresa Cheung is here to show you how to directly communicate with angels on your own. Divided into three parts - The Secret World of Angels, The Secret Language of Angels and Angels and Miracles - Theresa Cheung's much-anticipated book will teach you everything you need to know, including how to decode the secret language they speak to us in, how to look within - rather than externally - to find angels, as well as sharing real-life anecdotes on how angels have changed the lives of people all over the world.

In The Truth about Angels Theresa will also share her own spiritual story; her book is based on decades of research, personal experience, and is underpinned by science.

'Theresa Cheung is mysterious, illuminating, kind and informative.' - Russell Brand

'Theresa Cheung shows us that the way forward is to understand that consciousness/spiritual awareness is the fundamental ground of all experience.' - Deepak Chopra

'Theresa offers fascinating and practical advice to aid people in personally exploring mind-bending concepts and applying them to their own lives.' - Eben Alexander

The Truth about Angels offers intriguing speculations about the shimmering boundaries between angelic experiences and the edges of modern science. ― Dr Dean Radin, chief scientist, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, bestselling author of Real Magic

What I love about Cheung's work is she takes human experience seriously, and helps explain what could be strange and mysterious in terms that are understandable to everyone. In The Truth About Angels, she even touches on the cutting-edge science of the mysterious - in a way that gets you thinking about all that we may discover about prophets and messengers in years to come. ― Dr Julia Mossbridge, neuroscientist, Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Executive Director, TILT: The Institute for Love and Time

The belief in angels and other multi-dimensional beings, whether they are 'real' or not, is pervasive and has been present throughout recorded history. In The Truth about Angels, Theresa does a beautiful job of laying out what we know, what we don't and how to listen deeply for support from the invisible realms. ― Dr Helane Wahbeh, Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Science University, Research Director at IONS and associated full professor for the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology PHD degree