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Living a Dream: My Under the Skin podcast interview with Russell Brand

You know those moments in your life when you have to pinch yourself and say, ‘Am I dreaming? Is this for real?’ Well, I had one of those moments recently. I’m still pinching myself to check it really happened.

In November I found myself sitting at a table talking to Russell Brand. He was holding a copy of my Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams in his hands. My lovely publicist, Lyndsey Mayhew, was there with me as was my excited 20 year old son, Robert. We were all talking about dreams being a kind of inner therapist and Russell was thanking me for the book I’d gifted him. I’d also gifted him my Birthday Encyclopaedia and directed him to the profile for his birthday, June 4. The profile for that day is The Apprentice which is definitely where Russell is at right now given his insatiable thirst for knowledge and personal growth that inspires others to also evolve.

Moments before this encounter I met Russell Brand for the first time. His energy and charisma are immense as is his intensity. He’s strikingly handsome (and looking very Biblical these days) but what surprised me most was his warmth and genuine kindness.

Why was I there talking to Russell? To record an episode for Under the Skin, Russell’s acclaimed podcast. It is a huge honour to be a voice for spirit on this podcast which has had the likes of Jordan Peterson, Ed Harris, Al Gore, Ruby Wax and Tony Robbins as guests.

Within minutes I found myself in the podcast recording room which had grapes and nibbles and refreshments laid out neatly on the table where Russell sat opposite me. Russell prepared himself for the interview with a brief meditation and then it was lights, camera, action. To be honest I can’t really remember much of the over an hour long conversation that followed as it felt so surreal, like an out of body experience.

I do recall that Russell started by asking me who I was and my thoughts on the science of precognition as my latest book The Premonition Code which I co-authored with Dr Julia Mossbridge. I could tell he was a little frustrated at first as the science of spirit takes quite a lot of explaining if you are new to it. We were also two very different people who had never met each other but I hope we soon found common ground when the subject matter turned to spirit and heart.

I talked with honesty about the anorexia that I’d suffered in my teens and how spirit pulled me through. Russell’s addictions have been well publicised and the way out to the calmer, more peaceful place he is at right now has been the search for spiritual meaning too. We agreed that addictions of any kind are about a thirst for finding true meaning in life.

After that connection the energy changed to one of warmth and laughter and for those of you who love Russell’s outrageous humour it is on full display in my interview. Being an empath I found myself absorbing some of his infectious energy. I couldn’t contain my laughter at some points and inexplicably found myself quoting the final scene from the movie Ghost when Patrick Swayze goes to heaven. Hardly an intellectual argument for the reality of the afterlife but I mentioned it because that iconic scene encapsulates the heart of so many of my books.

Under the Skin is typically highly intellectual but both Russell and myself sensed the potential for humour in some of my answers about the afterlife and ran with it. The conversation flowed over a variety of topics from psychic cats to outer space and everything in between. Throughout I probably have a big grin on my face.

Later when I got back home I berated myself for not being more serious and intellectual in my arguments but on reflection spirituality should lift spirits and make people smile. I truly hope my highly unusual podcast does that. Afterwards even Russell said it was one of the most comic podcasts!

We then filmed a brief trailer for the podcast and although I haven’t seen it yet I’m sure it will be hilarious as the two of us are hugging and laughing. Most of the time Russell makes people laugh so quite something that spirit helped me make him laugh too.

After the trailer it was time to leave and my last words were to tell him to keep shining and being brilliant. I’m sure he will. He’s on a mission to enlighten his followers and now he’s come to terms with his demons and is a doting father with a lovely wife the sky’s the limit for him both personally and professionally.

There’s a touch of restless genius about Mr Brand and his use of language extraordinary. I really admire what he is doing on his socials and with his podcast series as the world needs connection and conversation between people from entirely different walks of life learning and growing from each other. I certainly feel richer from having spent time with him and I hope the spiritual connection I shared with him was meaningful to him in some way too. If you haven’t listened to Russell’s Under the Skin podcast before I urge you to do so as every interview he does and every guest he invites offers something enriching for your mind, heart and spirit in different ways.

I’d love to hear what you think of the podcast. You can find it on Russell’s website #71 Intuition & Mysticism in a Material World or wherever you listen to podcasts. It would mean so much to me if you would be so kind as to leave a review on iTunes or comment on his social media account, and mine!

It’s an opportunity to mainstream spirituality that still feels like a dream come true. I feel truly blessed, once more heaven called my name.

Love and light, Theresa 🌼💕

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  1. Justin Meade on June 3, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    I really love Russell’s Under The Skin podcast, but felt for you during this one. He was really off and his humour became distracting and annoying. He wouldn’t let you speak and there was this sense he wasn’t taking you seriously. I cringed and had to turn it off eventually. I really wanted to hear what you had to say as I have a life-long interest in near-death experiences. You handled it with much more grace than I would’ve!

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