Spirit: The final frontier

Lost in Space: The eternal journey

Dear spiritual seekers, This 3 min video is for all those who feel they have lost their meaning and I hope it will act as a wake up call. It also speaks to those who struggle to believe that a part of them can be eternal. Spirituality, like space, truly is the last frontier. We are spiritual beings have a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience and when we understand that eternal truth about ourselves and our lives it can bring a deep sense of meaning and purpose so we never feel lost in space again. Do visit the afterlife science page on www.theresacheung.com/afterlife. You’ll see that scientists are researching spirituality in the same way they are discovering life in space. Love, Theresax

Spirit: Your final frontier (3 min video)

LOST IN SPACE?This 3 min video is for all those who are looking for their meaning. Love, Theresa xx

Posted by Theresa Cheung Author on Sunday, 11 February 2018

Picture credit: www.um.edu.mt

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