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Making Spirituality Mainstream

As long as you’re evolving towards your highest self, you are living your meaning. Today’s guest, Theresa Cheung, is a bestselling spiritual author with twenty-five years of research and writing in the psychic world. In this episode, Aileen and Theresa explore the light and darkness of birthdays, what a Jedi’s “force” really is, and making spirituality mainstream.

In this episode we explore:

1:05 – Behind the scenes: The Encyclopedia of Birthdays
6:56 – The Light Side and Dark Side of human potential
11:06 – Life challenges as teachers and blessings
13:05 – How Theresa explains spirituality to the skeptics
16:35 – Current projects – Jediism, Noetic Science, and Mediums
24:48 – A scientific shift to the inner world of consciousness

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