In the Media

Theresa Cheung is a regular commentator in the media on the topics of spirituality, afterlife, religion and healing. 

Passionate and informed about the latest developments, and the scientific research into the paranormal, Theresa is an expert in our shifting perceptions on the world and the ‘unknown.’ By using her background, she is able to provide astute commentary, explanations and insight on all areas of Spiritualism and the Afterlife with one mission; to make spirituality engaging, credible and mainstream. 

Theresa is represented by PR consultant. For all media and PR concerning Theresa and her books please contact: [email protected]
Theresa Cheung

Recent Media Appearences

Daily Mail

The doctor, barrister, civil servant and Cambridge academic who say they have proof there's an afterlife.


Spiritual lessons we can learn from the other side with Angel expert and leading psychic Theresa Cheung.


Jediism: Faith or fantasy? The founder of Jediism, Daniel Jones, and fellow Jedi and author Theresa Cheung join us.

Daily Mail

'The Christmas ghost that saved my little boy's life': Writers including SARAH VINE reveal spine-tingling festive tales.

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