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Theresa Cheung is a regular media commentator on the topics of spirituality, afterlife, dreams, consciousness and religion.

Passionate and informed about the latest developments, and the scientific research into the paranormal, Theresa is an expert in our shifting perceptions on the world and the ‘unknown.’ By using her background, she is able to provide astute commentary, explanations and insight on all areas of spiritualism and the afterlife with one mission; to make spirituality engaging, credible and mainstream.

For media enquiries or comment or to book Theresa for an event: [email protected]

Nov 22, 2017 - London, England, UK - A GROUP of women sit at a table, sipping coffee and talking animatedly.
One is a doctor, another a barrister.  Pictured Theresa Cheung (Credit Image: © L+R/Daily Mail/SOLO Syndication)

Media Appearences

Theresa Cheung Today Extra Australia

Today Extra, Channel 9 Australia

Here is video clip of an interview about dreaming on Today Extra, channel 9 Australia, - their highest rated morning TV show:

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Under the Skin with Russell Brand

Intuition & mysticism in a material world. Theresa talks to Russel Brand. 

Theresa Cheung


With three million weekly listeners, “Coast to Coast,” which is broadcast every night from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Eastern time, is carried by more than 600 radio stations in North America and is by far the most popular overnight radio program in the country.



Jediism: Faith or fantasy? The founder of Jediism, Daniel Jones, and fellow Jedi and author Theresa Cheung join us.


Feature about my Dream Decoder in FEMAIL:


 Excited To see my Encyclopedia of Birthdays reissue (Harper Collins) on METRO’S hot list. They say it is an ‘addictive read‘ that will give you many ‘happy returns.’


Channel 4

Watch me interpret dreams on the spot for dancer Anton Du Beke and comedians Russel Kane and Katherine Ryan on the Steph McGovern Channel 4 lunchtime show. 

Theresa Cheung

Heat Magazine

Feature about my Dream Dictionary in Heat Magazine this week


You Magazine: Mail on Sunday

Read this wonderful feature about my dream decoding


Delighted to collaborate with Anthropologie for this free zoom webinar on June 4 at 1pm UK time. It’s free but any donations go to the NHS. 
Last month I was invited by Beauty Bay to do an Instagram story for them about sweet dreams and it is wonderful to bring dream interpretation to new audiences in this way.
Spirit and Destiny magazine - Theresa Cheung

Spirit and Destiny Magazine

Check out six months of features about my Moon School in Spirit and Destiny magazine. I’m also their resident afterlife and dream interpretation expert.

The Paranormal Podcast

Are premonitions and precognition real? We discuss the science and spirituality behind The Premonition Code on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast.

Transformation Talk Radio

The Dr. Pat Show: How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life with Theresa Cheung.


Wonderful to see my feature about being a Sensitive soul in Tiny Buddha. 

Melanie Tonia Evans

Why Narcissists Target Lightworkers

Lavendaire Podcast

Seeing the future and living in the present. Theresa talks to Aileen about her two new books.

Outer Limits

What if you could see the future & transform the present?


Fabulous dream feature featuring my Dream Dictionary (Harper Collins) in YOU magazine, The Mail on Sunday


Daily Mail

'The Christmas ghost that saved my little boy's life': Writers including SARAH VINE reveal spine-tingling festive tales.

Daily Mail

The doctor, barrister, civil servant and Cambridge academic who say they have proof there's an afterlife.


Spiritual lessons we can learn from the other side with Angel expert and leading psychic Theresa Cheung.

Sunday Mirror

Spirit meets science in The Sunday Mirror. 

Life, Death and the Space Between Dr. Amy Robbins

I join the lovely Dr Amy Robbins to discuss all things premonition! 

We discuss the difference between a precognition versus premonition, research on premonition, the difference between a premonition and using your thoughts to help determine the future, negative precognition and the ability to change the outcome of them. 

What Is Going On

I join the wonderful Sandie Sedgbeer to talk about igniting our intuition. 

We discuss my new book 21 Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition, which draws on science, psychology and techniques to help you tune into your inner wisdom, cultivate your intuition, and start making better decisions so that you can live a happier, more purposeful and successful life. 

UK Health Radio

Theresa speaks to Kevin Durjun about her new book The Premonition Code.

Dreaming about your social media?

Daily Mail feature about my Dream Dictionary reissue (Harper Collins)


The Premonition code which I coauthored with Dr Mossbridge and the positive precog future we dream of in that book is featured in both The Guardian and The Observer. 

Past Lives Podcast

Theresa talks to Simon about spirit communication and her book Answers from Heaven co-authored with medium Claire Broad.

The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

A conversation about the crossroads of science and intuition

Daily Mail

The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams. Theresa's co-author Dr Julia Mossbridge writes in the Daily Mail.


Harper Collins Dream Dictionary Reissue is in the Daily Express, Mirror, Daily Record and other nationals today.

Yahoo Style

Feature about my Dream Dictionary and Corona dreams in Yahoo Style

The Evening Standard

Feature about my Dream Dictionary and lockdown dreams in The Evening Standard.


Cosmopolitan feature about the reason for more vivid dreaming during the lockdown.

The Big Seance

Theresa and The Premonition Code Co-Author Dr Julia Mossbridge talk to Patrick Keller about the science of premonition.  

My OLYMPIA Mind Body Spirit Well-being webinar

Truly honoured to be asked to launch the Olympia wellbeing mind body spirit webinar series with a talk about finding spiritual meaning during uncertain times. 
You can watch it at this link: 

Absolutely Fabulous



Feature written by me in The Daily Mail about how to decode Corona virus dreams.

Publishers weekly

Mention of my upcoming Astrology Fix title


Delighted to join this global initiative of doctors, scientists and wellbeing experts offering free webinars. Here’s my talk about finding spiritual meaning through sacred rituals. 

My Top 10 Spiritual Reads

I'm often asked to recommend books and super exited to share this link to my top 10 spiritual reads in this feature. Just click on the link:

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