Meditation: Is there a difference between men and women?

difference-between-men-and-women4Kim and I had a chat yesterday about how our meditations were going.  Kim made a statement which I asked her to blog about.  It might be quite controversial so I would really appreciate your comments on this one.   Over to Kim:

It occurred to me when chatting to Theresa whether there was a difference between men and women meditating.  You know,  like the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing! I jokingly said to Theresa that it was easier for men to meditate because they don’t constantly think about the other things that they have to do.  It’s a well known fact that men are not particularly good at multi-tasking so are they able to concentrate on the task in hand better than women. I think that most men are much better about being selfish with their time and doing things for themselves whereas most women put others first and theirselves last.

As a mom, when I meditate, I constantly think about putting a load of washing in the machine, loading the dishwasher, what we’re having for tea that night, think about my work schedule, think about entertaining my 7 year old.  I really don’t think that men do that!

It brought about lots of questions for me.  I’d love to know what you think.

Do you think that it’s easier for men to meditate than women?

Do you think it’s easier to meditate if you don’t have a busy life?

Do you think it’s easier to meditate if you don’t have children at home?

Do you think it’s easier to mediate if you live alone?

What do you do to help you to meditate?

We’d love your input on this topic.

The meditation continues ………



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