Morning Rituals – How to make them work!

I like to do rituals every morning to ignite myself and to help me become more aware of my surroundings and feelings. Some of these include replacing my phone with a book at the breakfast table (or simply turning it off for an hour) and taking time in the morning to stretch and feel what my body needs! But sometimes it can be hard to find the time to perform these rituals before rushing to work and sometimes they don’t work like you were expecting them too. This happens to us all, novices to old hands. Here are a few tips that I use when I’m struggling!

No time:

If you don’t think you can manage this ritual because your morning is always rushed and you haven’t got time to be mindful, put a sticker on your bathroom window with the words ‘Take your tooth time’. You are going to be brushing your teeth anyway and ritualizing it is not going to take up any more time than usual when you brush your teeth. There’s a big difference between being mindful (aware of the present moment) and taking your time (living life in slow motion).

Mind racing:

You may perform the ritual and find that instead of calming you it is has the opposite effect. Your mind is racing louder than before. If this is the case, the ritual is working because the exercise has made you aware of your thoughts, whereas before they were background noise you ignored or got used to.

Unrealistic expectations:

You may expect instant results and be disappointed that you don’t immediately feel more connected to your inner wisdom. If this is the case, simply notice your impatience and reflect on it during the day. This will increase your self-awareness and the more self-aware you are, the more intuitive you are likely to be.


If there are too many distractions in the morning – perhaps children or family needing your attention – the answer isn’t to shut yourself away but to notice these distractions and the impact they have on you. This will increase your Self-awareness.


If you do this exercise and feel annoyed with yourself because you can’t switch off from your thoughts or you don’t feel calm and centred, perfectionism is the roadblock. It’s impossible for anyone, however evolved, to be aware all of the time. Give yourself a break – even if you didn’t think the ritual was a success, the fact that you are trying it is progress enough.


This is a deadly roadblock to personal growth and intuitive living. The solution is simply to observe rather than judge these feelings. Just because you feel or think something does not mean it is true. Remember, whatever roadblock you encounter when practising mindfulness isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, just something that is happening.

I hope this helps you as much as it does me! What are your favourite morning rituals? Leave a comment below and I’ll give them a go!

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