Q&A: Can heaven speak to you through your intuition?

I love receiving letters and emails from readers. People often ask me questions about the afterlife:

Can heaven speak to you through your intuition? 

Sometimes departed loved ones can guide us through our intuition, a gut feeling of just knowing something even though you have no idea how or why. You get a hunch about something or someone and later you realise that your hunch was spot on. If you followed your intuition you feel deeply grateful but if you ignored it and there find out later your intuition was right all along you regret that you didn’t trust yourself more. It’s often hard to tell the difference between intuition that is heaven sent and fear that is very human, but in general intuition is gentle, positive and energising whereas fear often expresses itself through harsh long-winded, self-criticism. Intuition doesn’t require endless explanations or make you feel bad about yourself. You just know. Fear specialises in debate, uncertainty and insecurity.

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