Reader stories: A Single Rose

Hi Theresa,

I have just finished reading your book Heaven Called My Name. It was fascinating. I can relate to a lot of the topics you wrote about. 
I sometimes think that I can see things before they happen. Many a time I will think of something e.g. a letter in the mail or parcel that is in the post and then forget about it and all of a sudden remember it’s due to be delivered and it arrives. I often think of someone I haven’t seen for ages and next day I hear they have passed away or I hear from that person. 

My mum passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1999 and I was extremely close to her. I often have vivid dreams of her and I know she has visited me. A few months before she passed I saw her face in a dream and she gave me the biggest smile and the day after she passed away I had the same dream. A few days later just one rose appeared on one of my rose shrubs.

I have also had vivid dreams of other people I have been very close too. I work with aged-care and I had a client who I was extremely fond of and she became very ill and the night she died I had a vivid dream and I clearly remember I saw her face, she smiled and just said ‘thank you’.

Fond regards,

Janet – Australia 

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash.

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