Reader stories: The lost kingfisher

Hi Theresa,

I’ve been reading your book Conversations With Heaven and have my own story about my beautiful mum that I wanted to share.

Shortly after my mum died she came to me in the night. She was dressed in a navy suit, absolutely in her prime, and she threw her arms open and comforted me as I sobbed in her lap. Another time I was chopping veg in the kitchen and the Phil Collins song Two Hearts came on the radio. The song was never – at least then – significant but I started to cry. I don’t know why but I went upstairs and got out the photo album. Flicking through I came across the print out from the heart monitor from when my mum was in labour with me. When I read the lyrics of that song they are 100% reflective of how much love there is between us and our relationship. There is now another song that I know is a message from her – Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon. Again, it had no previous significance but the lyrics are her telling me to live my life because in a blink of an eye it will be over.

When I was 10 mum bought me an enamel kingfisher brooch. It was a grown up piece of jewellery and I never wore it. After she died and my dad had moved to a care home, I was clearing out my old room and I came across the brooch. It was damaged beyond repair – or so I thought – so I reluctantly threw it out. I later went to a medium, who told me that my mum was saying I should use the blue bird to remember her by. I knew exactly what she meant and I was devastated. I went home and for months I searched in shops, markets and online to see if I could find a brooch the same as the one she bought me. Eventually one did come up on eBay, and I bid way more than the brooch is worth but was out bid at the last minute. I was distraught. I then spent months trawling again in the hopes one would turn up. About four months ago I dreamed I was in a market and in the middle of a tray was the brooch. I woke up the next morning, and in the shower I was thinking “I know there is at least one out there, when will it come back to me?” I thought no more of it that day, but when I got home from work our RSPB membership pack had arrived and as I flicked through a booklet I saw a picture of a kingfisher. Remembering the dream I went back on eBay. And there it was. No bidding: it had a “buy it now” option. So I did. Three days later that perfect brooch, exactly the same as the one my mum had gifted me thirty years previously, she gifted to me again. It’s so incredible, and I know it sounds unbelievable, but how wonderful is that?

I have other experiences. My dad passed in September last year. I keep flowers with their ashes and as I was leaving the florist a woman stopped and told me she goes to a spiritualist church and she was getting shoved in the back to tell me to go. I’ve not been yet, but I think I will in the next week or so.

I’m an only child, and my parents were my world. I still feel their love surrounding me every single day.

Thanks so much for the books.

Love and light,

Karen x

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