Reader stories: The Perfect Party

Hi Theresa

A couple of years ago I was stressing about whether to apply for redundancy or not. One night I dreamt that we had bought a different house (this is a frequent dream for me) but this time instead of finding unused rooms as I frequently dream we were having a party, the house felt warm and welcoming. There was a dresser in the kitchen with fully stocked shelves. I woke up feeling that there was someone in my dream that I really needed to remember, then it came to me. I remembered being in the kitchen of this new house, full of people, then they parted and there was my brother who passed away some years ago. He looked young and happy and although he didn’t speak in his hands was a plate of food which he held out to me both hands holding the plate like a gift. Straightaway I knew it was my brother saying go for it, it’s the right decision! 

I took his advice and I’m very happy and much less stressed.

Kind regards


Photo by Doyoun Seo on Unsplash

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  1. Lana Rudnerlr on July 30, 2019 at 10:17 am

    My husband passed away 8 mos. ago. I’ve had just a couple of dreams — but in the last one he was younger and had a full head of hair (which I know would have made him very happy). I’ve heard that in the afterlife you are younger. Is that true? And I know he loved having his hair back.

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