Reader Stories: Have you had an out of body experience?

Hi Theresa,

Like many of your readers I was inspired to write to you after reading one of your books. My childhood appears to have been the exact opposite to yours. You explained you grew up in a family of spiritualists, yet you could not connect to spirit.

From as early as can remember I saw, heard, felt and experienced numerous examples of connection to spirit. These things rarely disturbed me; in fact were a source usually of great wonder and joy. However I’d been born into a family that would harshly judge anything they felt was not ’normal’. My father was a vicar for eight years of my childhood, I perceived the unspoken massage that I was expected to be a quiet and demur child – I wasn’t that isn’t my nature! My father (who also worked as a teacher) did encourage asking questions and discussing anything we observed. So I felt it was ok to tell him about my ‘out of body’ experiences I had from time to time as I walked downstairs. I didn’t know it was an OB, I just explained that sometimes I floated instead of walking downstairs and it was great fun. I expect my Dad thought it was a child’s imaginary game (Theresa it really wasn’t – it happened), he told me to call him the next it happened. So I did,

“Dad, Dad come and see; I’m floating!” Of course as soon as he appeared I was standing on the bottom step utterly adamant I floated down the stairs. 

Best wishes,

Susan Rachel Turner 

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

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