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Hello everyone – My name is Jodie Jones and for many years I have been investigating the human consciousness and the science based evidence that supports the existence of the consciousness being separate from our physical human form. Recently i have come across Theresa Cheung’s books on heaven and NDE’S and what may lie ‘beyond’ and decided to combine both the science and the spiritual together and share with you my findings.

Thanks to the way we are cultured we as human beings are taught that either ‘god’ or ‘the big bang theory’ are responsible for our existence – im not in any way suggesting peoples faith in either of these to be in any way untrue – but imagine if we were not taught either of these – then what rational explanation would we come to to explain our existence??

A new theory may suggest that our consciousness and the consciousness of the universe are somehow an interconnected ‘Whole’ and after the physical death of the body – the mind as we know it – continues on into the consciousness of the universe or ‘Heaven’ as you could say.

Please view my first link below which is from ‘‘ and let me know your views and comment, I will respond. Thank you!! xx

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