Little Bell

Review of Little Bell and the Moon by Giles Paley-Phillips

Little BellLittle Bell loves the Moon and the Moon loves Little Bell. Every night they cross oceans and the mountains on their adventures. Little Bell grows older and one last flight with the Moon makes something very special happen to Little Bell…

This is a beautiful children’s book in which Bell goes on moonlight flights with the Moon, sees wonderful things and has a fabulous life and when she passes away she becomes a star in the sky.

Oliver’s lip wobbled a little when Bell died (but I have to admit that mine did too) but he loved the fact that she became a star in the sky.  Oliver’s “Papa” died two years ago and we’ve always said that he is a star in the sky and he waves, blows kisses and says Goodnight at bedtime so this was particularly apt for us.

This book gave us the opportunity to talk about the subject of death and helped us to be open and chat about where we think Papa is. I’m so glad that Giles’ beliefs are the same as mine.

It isn’t a sad book, it’s a positive story about loved ones moving on but still being around us all the time. It is beautifully illustrated by Iris Deppe.

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This review was written by Kim The Bookworm and Oliver (aged 7)


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