The Second Secret of Heaven

The Second Secret of Heaven is the transformative power of prayer.

The measure of our prayer is the measure of our power. – Andrew Murray

Near Death Experience accounts reveal the miracle-making potential of prayer both in heaven and on earth. Along with total awareness that death is an illusion, the stories also teach us loud and clear that prayer is a super power that connects earth to heaven and heaven to earth. Heaven hears our prayers, and when we reach heaven we witness prayers and intentions becoming reality. We finally comprehend that prayer is the most powerful tool in the universe.

Here are some stories to illustrate the mighty power of prayer. The first two are well known and the last two were sent to my angeltalk email but, famous or not, they all reveal simply and clearly the astonishing power of prayer:

Prayers gave me energy

I moved down through great walls of clouds. There was a murmuring all around me, but I couldn’t understand the words. Then I realised that countless beings were surrounding me, kneeling in arcs that spread into the distance.

Looking back on it now, I realise what these half-seen hierarchies of beings, stretching out into the dark above and below, were doing. They were praying for me. Two faces I remembered later were those of Michael Sullivan and his wife, Page. I recall seeing them in profile only, but clearly identified them after my return when language came back. Michael had physically been in the ICU room leading prayers numerous times, but Page was never physically there (although she had said prayers for me too). These prayers gave me energy. That’s probably why, profoundly sad as I was, something in me felt a strange confidence that everything would be all right. These beings knew I was undergoing a transition, and they were singing and praying to help me keep my spirits up. – Dr Eben Alexander

In the distance a gentle wave swelled up, moving across the ocean of light toward the point of perspective assigned to me. As it arose, I became aware that this wave was the concerns, prayer, and emotions being streamed toward me from hundreds of people I knew in this life and from many others who had only heard about my situation. My point of perspective rose as the wave reached it, and correspondingly, I was lifted, just a little, from the pain in my body. It became a little lighter to bear. I had just viscerally witnessed prayers and intentions became physical, tangible reality. (In using the word ‘prayer’ I mean something an atheist could easily do as well as a theologian — no special form, just focused will propelled by the power of love and concern.) It was made known to me that this was consciousness creating form through intention. Nothing exists until it rises into form on this field. Every single bit of material in the world — even the computer or paper you’re reading this on, and the stardust that nourishes your marrow, and the paint on the wall, and the dog you love, and each single hair on his loppy ear must have begun there on the sacred field of consciousness, shaped by the impulse of intention. – Ned Dougherty

I could hear all the prayers and thoughts of all the people that loved me. There were fewer voices than I thought there might be but the voices I heard from my wife, children, family and a few friends were deeply beautiful and filled my heaven with love. Theresa, I could hear their thoughts and prayers as if they were right there with me. – Anthony

The being of light told me every one of my prayers had been heard. I was also told that prayer groups were incredibly powerful – more powerful than leaders and politicians, and the future of the world could depend on them. I truly believe after my experience that our conscious thoughts and intentions and prayers create some kind of energy field and if something happened to me again I would give prayer the first not the last chance. If someone I loved was in trouble, I would try the conventional route, of course, but I would also bring faith healers into the picture. I would give prayer and miracles the first chance because I have seen that the entire universe is one huge miracle and I am a part of that and so are you. – Elizabeth

Feel the force

Prayer is a powerful force. I think many of us underestimate just how powerful it is but NDE stories show that in heaven prayer has the first, last and everything word. Prayer can create miracles and bring healing and light but few of us truly believe that. If only we knew how powerful prayer can be, our lives would be transformed and we would not feel so helpless and alone.

Prayer connects us directly to heaven. Every time you pray your intention flies to heaven at breath-taking speed. Your prayers for yourself and others are always heard. Sometimes on earth we feel helpless, and that the only thing we can do is pray, but now that you know your prayers are always heard praying should not be the last resort but the absolute first thing you do.

Have you ever felt a surge of strength, comfort and peace when someone tells you that you are in their prayers? Even though no one is exactly sure how it works, research suggests there is real power in prayer. Research in some hospitals has shown that patients who were prayed for have faster release times.

The world is full of injustice, poverty and violence and, like many people, I often wish I could make a difference. Whenever possible I try to contribute money or time as a volunteer, but my budget is often too tight and my schedule too full. I used to feel as if there was nothing I could do, but reading stories of people who have crossed over to the other side has taught me that there IS something incredibly powerful that I can do – I can pray.

Praying, of course, doesn’t always bring the answers or results we hope for. Some painful experiences are important lessons for the soul, and why terrible things happen to decent or innocent people is beyond our limited comprehension, but if we pray for what is best for us and for others, heaven will be listening by helping us find the inner strength to pull through. Praying for others strengthens the power of heaven to offer them healing, courage and comfort. Talk to people who have experienced personal tragedy or survived disaster and, more often than not, you will find that the trauma has helped them focus on the essentials in life and what really matters; the priceless gifts of health, of love and of life. Talk to anyone who has been close to death and they will tell you that when they thought their time was up they prayed.

One potent way to acknowledge the existence of heaven is to make prayer a significant and rewarding part of your life. Ask heaven for help, support and guidance. Pray with confidence, enthusiasm and trust, ready to love more deeply and learn more clearly. Don’t ever feel unworthy in any way. Yes, there will always be people whose need is greater than your own, but in heaven the love is limitless and without bounds.

Be aware that heaven can answer prayers in any number of ways. Sometimes this happens in the form of a dream or a person appearing in your life at exactly the right time, or in meaningful words that seem to speak directly to you. It may respond in the form of a still small voice from within that speaks with gentle certainty when all around you there is chaos. It can also make its presence felt in sudden flashes of insight when you inexplicably understand or know something with absolute clarity. Never ignore those gut feelings or light bulb moments, as they could transform or even save your life. And sometimes heaven can answer your prayers in the form of a remarkable coincidence; an astonishing turnaround of events that takes your breath away.

The details of how, where and when you choose to pray is insignificant; simply believing in heaven and the power of prayer to reach heaven is all that’s needed. So if you are ready to open your heart and invite the magic to come in, let the praying begin. Heaven hears both the prayers we say out loud and the silent prayers in our hearts, so don’t feel you have to pray formally. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Spirit hears our voice in any form; not only as formal prayers – in the sense of bended knees and head bowed – but also the heartfelt prayers we don’t even realise we are saying. I’m talking about your thoughts and intentions here.

All in the mind

Growing up in a family of Spiritualists, prayer was an integral part of each day and night. The Lord’s Prayer, for example, was engraved on my heart, as I’m sure it was for many people. Yet my early years of praying didn’t sustain me and, as the years melted into each other, I parted company with the practice, especially as my distance from organised religion broadened. My thirst for spiritual fulfilment continued but I didn’t realise that the thing I was unwittingly ignoring was one of the cornerstones of a spiritual life – prayer.

As has happened, many times it was my readers and the amazing stories they sent to me that helped me remember and reconnect with the true power of prayer. Many talked about their prayers being answered during a time of extreme crisis or grief. Even if the word prayer wasn’t used, they talked about a heartfelt intention or desire made manifest in an extraordinary heaven-sent way. The stories refocused my mind on prayer and I set out to investigate, so I could write about the practice in an informed way in my books. What I uncovered was stunning, as I had no idea there was such a multitude of astonishing research out there with the words ‘wilful and conscious intention’ often used to describe the wide-ranging medical, psychological and spiritual applications of prayer. These words really spoke to my mind and my heart as they suggested the conscious (aware) use of thoughts or mind power to influence things. In other words, prayer.

The more I looked into the power of prayer the more I understood how it is possible to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives through a spiritual practice. I also realised that prayer did not have to be the traditional ‘down on your knees, hands together’ formal recitation of set words, but that it also encompassed our focused thoughts and intentions, and that meditation too is a form of prayer. I understood as I had never understood before that what happens in our lives, or what we decide to do with our lives, is never as important in the world of spirit as the reason why we do things or the intention behind them. NDE stories taught me that our intention is how our lives on earth will be measured on the other side. What kind of person were we on the inside?

Once you truly understand the incredible power of prayer your life will never be the same again. You will realise that you are not a victim of circumstances but can instead take control of your life by appealing to the universe to influence your experiences. In addition, prayer helps open our minds and hearts to the awesome beauty of the world we live in; the more we focus our thoughts on positive, healing things, the more we start to catch glimpses of heaven on earth everywhere.

Creating heaven one thought at a time

Quantum studies may offer some kind of explanation for the power of prayer, as they suggest that everything is energy or pure potential and the universe is simply a movement of this energy. The only difference between you and a butterfly, for example, is energy distribution, vibration, frequency and content. What sets you apart from a butterfly or a plant, however, is that you have a nervous system with the potential and capability to become aware of the energy that manifests as physical form. We experience this energy as feelings, desires, thoughts, intentions, beliefs, memories and instincts. Seen in this light your body and mind are not separate from the universe but a part of the universe. And not only can you become aware of the energy that manifests as you, it is also possible for you to change or alter it so that things manifest in your life.

Pretty amazing? You may want to take a few moments here to put this book down and reflect on the power of conscious intent or prayer, because what I am suggesting is that whatever you think deeply about or pay attention to will become stronger in your life, and what you don’t pay attention to will fade away. If you build on the knowledge gained from the first secret of heaven – awareness of your true nature as pure spirit – and you carry this awareness with you at all times and focus with intent on what you want to manifest in your life, the chances are you will start to get what you wish for.

Letting go

I’m aware this sounds deceptively simple – wish for something hard enough and you will get it – as we all know this is rarely the case in life. Our dreams are often shattered and bad things happen to good people and often it feels that our prayers are not answered. How does the power of prayer resonate with this harsh truth of life? What I have learned over the years is that it has to have something to do with the paradox of longing for your heart’s desire but then letting go of any attachment you may have to the result. Many people just aren’t able to do that ‘letting go’ bit effectively.

Sounds confusing but it really is fairly simple. You don’t stop desiring something but you detach yourself from the outcome. You may well have experienced this heavenly secret in your daily life: the moment you stop wanting something really badly and say, for want of a better word, ‘Sod it, what will be, will be’, is often the moment it starts to manifest in your life. This was the case with my relationships. In my early to mid-twenties I longed for a boyfriend but every relationship I had was short-lived and toxic and then, as I approached thirty, I decided to focus more on loving myself and to stop trying so darn hard to find my soul mate. Within months of doing that I met my future husband.

So, to truly harness the power of prayer you need to detach from the outcome of your prayers. Attachment is based on fear and lack of self-belief. If you are attached to worldly things, or the love and approval of others, or a certain outcome, then you will feel empty inside because you are focusing your intention and trying to seek security in things or people outside yourself, not inside yourself where the true potential for wealth, security and comfort lies. Sometimes you may want something so much and not get it and sometimes you may have all the right intentions and things go horribly wrong.

What is going on here?

Sometimes we confuse happiness with feeling good. Happiness refers to things we think will make us feel good – more money, a sports car, a dream house and so on – but feeling good is a state of contentment, a quiet sense of wellbeing that comes from within. Sometimes, for reasons we may not understand, what is best for our wellbeing is to experience difficulties and loss, so that we learn and grow as spiritual beings. Sometimes the route to wellbeing takes a path through the darkness. We all go through tough times – whether in our relationships or because of illness or loss or through anxiety and depression – but by learning to let go and bravely keep going we begin to understand and see what we need to see and learn as spiritual beings. We can then rise above traumatic situations, leaving our fears and self-limiting ways behind, and reach a higher spiritual place.

Each one of us has our own unique path and sometimes, to grow as an individual, we need to walk through challenging times. If we can emerge from the darkness with a deep trust in the forces of creation, of which we are a part, and an awareness that we are not alone, and every thought and feeling we have is a part of the interconnectedness of things, we are in a state of bliss. We know deep down that everything we experience teaches us something valuable and helps us grow. By staying calm and treating triumph and disaster just the same, as the famous Kipling poem ‘If’ says, we are on the right path.

Detaching or letting go of external validation can be frightening at first. You may feel uncertain and unsure but that uncertainty is a step in the right direction because you are putting your trust into the spiritual powers of the universe. You are keeping your mind open to possibilities. This doesn’t mean you don’t set goals or have a plan. Of course you do, but you allow yourself the possibility of changing direction in the pursuit of your goal. You don’t shut out possibilities and you don’t force things: you stay alert to opportunities. And if problems, disappointments, challenges or obstacles cross your path, you don’t see them as problems – you see them as opportunities for a higher or greater purpose.
In short, thought that is intentional or directed harnesses spiritual power, but to manifest that spiritual power you need to detach yourself from the outcome – state your intention and then ‘let go’ and trust the universe to fulfil your spiritual needs. You can call this prayer or meditation or wishful thinking, but whatever you call it why not give it a try? You will soon discover the second secret of heaven, the power of prayer, points you in the direction of spirit.

And if all this wasn’t awesome enough, I’ll finish this section with another powerful and life changing thought.

Which way I fly, myself am heaven…or hell

There is a very real possibility that the heaven we experience is created by our prayers; our own thoughts and feelings. This is certainly the sense I have from the incredible people who have written to me about their near-death experiences and the frequently reported ‘life review’ – where a person’s life is replayed for them to watch in heaven. Here are some extracts:

In heaven I watched the movie of my life in sensory detail – everything was there in an instant and in panoramic memory. I felt all the emotions of my life, both happy and sad. I also felt what emotions I had inspired or provoked in other people. If I had made someone feel happy I felt that joy, and if I had been selfish or rude or hurtful I felt their pain. Nothing, even trivial things and thoughtless acts or words, were missed out. I also felt sadness for every failed resolution or dream I had not accomplished. I’m telling you, Theresa, heaven notices everything, and I mean everything. – Sonia

In the review of my life something really stood out and it was something I had long forgotten. It went right back to when I was aged eleven or twelve. I had been a bit of a bully at school and I used to tease this boy (he had a lazy eye) mercilessly. I never hit him or anything, it was just verbal, but I think I picked on him for over a year. In my review I felt the pain and alienation of that boy. I saw him at home in his garden with his family and how the pain I had caused him sent out negative energy to his mother, father and sister, and even to the flowers in the garden and the birds in the sky. This has taught me that everything in the world is alive in some way. Nothing is not alive. – Tony

I saw in my life review that anything kind or loving I had done I had also done that for myself. Likewise if I hurt someone I had hurt myself. Does this make sense? I experienced my life again not so much from my point of view but from the point of view of others and how the environment around me experienced it. It became startlingly obvious that every thought, feeling, word and action affects others, trees, plants, animals too, and the entire universe. In my review I was not judged by any being of light or by anyone or thing. I was judged by myself but, as my ego had been left behind on earth, I couldn’t hide any truth about myself from the light. This has taught me that on earth many of the things we think are important – career, money, status and so on – are not important at all in the world of spirit. It is often the insignificant things that matter. -Tracy

All these stories indicate that if you have caused others pain in your life you will, in heaven, feel that suffering and pain. This isn’t ‘punishment’ as such, but so you can learn from your misguided ways and evolve into a higher spiritual being. It seems therefore that you are quite literally, in every moment of your life, creating the afterlife you will experience on the other side – not just with your thoughts, desires and heartfelt intentions but with every word and deed.

What an awesome and potentially life-transforming thought!

Many NDE accounts talk about a life review and an accounting of experiences the soul had during life on earth. There is no punishment – more a soul education and repair when a soul will experience the suffering it caused and through that experience grow in understanding and move towards healing. – Anita Moorjani.

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