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4626356472_210x227You may ask who Dawn Dickinson is and why would you want to read about her.   I’m going to pass over to Dawn and she’ll explain more.

Well I’m no one special really just an ordinary person who has a keen interest in Spirits Ghosts and Spiritualism and I regularly attend ghost hunts and Spiritualist meetings. I am a firm believer that there is life after death. Theresa thought it was a wonderful idea if I was to blog about my experiences and share them with you wonderful readers and hopefully hear about some of your stories.

One of the things I like to do is attend and go on various ghost hunts around the country whether it be as a group event or on my own as an individual to locations. One of my favourites was a place in York called The Golden Fleece which is a pub right opposite the shambles (the oldest part of the town). This pub is said to be one of the most haunted and oldest pubs in York with it being mention in York’s Archives as far back as 1503.

I went to this pub with my husband Clive and some friends as a weekend break and not as a ghost hunter but somehow it ended up as my own personal ghost hunt. This was quite amusing as my husband is a non-believer, as were my friends, and I have to say it was one of the best weekends away I have ever had with friends and because of what happened my husband and my friends opened their mind and ended up believing just a little bit that there might be some truth in the existence of spirits or ghosts.

As the weekend went on we did all the usual things you may do when visiting a beautiful historical city like visiting some more well know places around York but as we were coming back from a lovely meal out on Saturday evening we thought we would stop in the bar at the Golden Fleece for a night cap as one does. While we were in the bar I met some lovely ladies who were there to do some ghost hunting themselves and they asked me if I like to join them on a vigil that evening and as there were only a few of us in the bar that evening the manager thought it was a great idea. My husband and friends as non-believers said it was time to say goodnight and headed off to bed.

So, as we were walking around this wonderful building we were catching some unusual things on camera like unexplained orbs which seem to move very slowly and change shape – all this was caught on camera in the bedroom that me and my husband were sleeping in which was The Minster Suite. As you can imagine we got quite excited about this. My husband on the other hand was not so keen as we had to sleep in that room so we left him to it and carried on investigating the rest of the pub. 

When I finally decided to return to my room my husband was already asleep. could not sleep as I kept hearing footsteps of someone going up and down the stairs which was very strange as the stairs was all carpeted – make what you will of that one!

The most important thing I would like to share with yourselves that happened that evening – but only found out from my husband about two years later – was after we left him to go to bed that evening he was to experience his own ghostly event.

In his words, he woke up to find all the covers of the bed had been pulled off him. Thinking that he had done this himself while he was asleep and slightly irritated he pulled them back over himself and fell back to sleep. After about five minutes he woke up again to find not only had the blankets been pulled off him again, they were actually folded down to the end of the bed as if the bed was being prepared for someone to go to bed which housemaids used  to do for guests in years gone by.

He was so amazed by this and struggled to actually believe this had happened to him and also having to admit to me he might be wrong he did not tell me for at least two years. Typical man! I am so glad he has told me now though.

So many surreal things happened that night I would be writing for pages and pages but I do hope that it has inspired some of you to share some of your own stories and questions about ghost hunting spirits and spiritualism with me. I am no expert and have no titles or credentials to qualify me like so many other people claim to have, and I am on my own personal journey at the moment regarding the spirit world, but if I can help anyone whilst on this journey or simply be a buddy you can share your ghost experiences online with I would be very happy too.

You can contact me at: dawndickinson1@virginmedia.com

Looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.

Happy Ghost Hunting

Dawn Dickinson

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  1. lawrence brown on February 1, 2016 at 10:04 am

    The paranormal is a subject that quite a few people know nothing about until something happens to them that has no explanation whatsoever, take what happened at my uncle Joseph’s funeral in 1988? I myself was up in the north east when he died after a short illness and he was buried in the cemetery of St John’s which is just over the road from the Health Centre in Sacriston county Durham and it was just to the right slightly about 30 yards or so once you had crossed the road. All of our relatives were in the church except myself my Sister and Mother and Father and the local undertaker who followed in last place, as I was first on the steps to enter the church which was nearly completely full I turned around and looked at the mourning car when all of a sudden there was an almighty crack and as the others turned around the drivers door window had disintegrated into small pieces of glass that were falling out on to the front church driveway where we had just left in the black mourning car? I had not seen anything happen like this at a funeral and my Mother was completely shocked as was my sister and my Father. I just looked on in awe and surprise but remembering anything is possible when it is the paranormal at work I continued and stood next to my elder brother inside the church. Then we all went to the burial graveyard that was situated at the back of the church it was a really sad day for all of us that day. After the burial I went back around to my other uncle’s house and a strong smell of perfume filled the air and I have never smelled anything as strong go into my nostrils as this was and after five minutes it completely vanished as quick as it came and it was a clear sign along with the shattered window that something really supernatural had taken place that day in that church drive and in my uncles house its something none of us can explain. I mentioned this strange experience to an undertaker in the Worksop area asking him if he had ever had experienced anything like this sort of event while he was doing his work and he said he had indeed and as he explained to me I listened with real interest, he said when he was a young man he tried a few jobs out but then he was in line to work in the funeral business which was the cooperative funeral services and today he has progressed to having his own company somewhere in the surrounding locality area. While he was at the cooperative funeral services a woman telephoned the office asking them to to send someone out to order a coffin for her husband who passed away that very morning so he went there and took a brochure of coffins and prices and arrangements out to this house in the Whitwell area near to Worksop that comes under the Derbyshire area, he arrived and knocked at the front door. A man then answered and from his position he could see the family was all sat down at a table eating their lunch so he said he was sorry and should he call back later to which the man said was okay and asked who he was and what he wanted? explaining that a woman by a certain surname had called him to order funeral arrangements for her husbands funeral and he stated the surname? The man admitted that was his own surname and address but as he was very much still alive he said someone must be playing a joke prank on the Coop so at that the undertaker made apologies and said yes it must be someone playing stupid games and so he left the street going back to the cooperative offices where he was based feeling confused. One week later the same thing happened again and when he called back at the same house the woman answered and said she had indeed called him on the phone as her husband had just died that very same morning, I thought how uncanny is that the man who he had spoken to about a death was now dead and I thought I bet there are no end of strange tales like that I suppose tales that we never ever hear about in general up and down the country I later learned of a few more paranormal tales that were unbelievable.

    Hi dawn this extract is from a book I am writing i hope you can understand it okay, I have seen loads of ghosts solid and in spirit form, heaven is all solid its not a spirit place we get a new body in the afterlife, I can answer any questions you might have if you need any, the majority of people in the world have got it all wrong about the afterlife. LAWRENCE. xx

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