Seeking the truth – James Randi

RANDI1Dear Truth Seekers,

I’m one of those people who always like to believe the best and see the good in people and trust what they say and do to be true but last week I watched this incredible documentary on BBC4 about a very courageous and complicated man on a mission to bring truth and honesty to the world in his own unique way.

The man is the amazing James Randi and I would love to talk to him one day. I found myself feeling deeply sympathetic towards him and admiring him greatly. I still believe that there are mysterious things in this world science cannot ever explain and that some people do have unexplained psychic powers and I will always trust in the world of spirit, the power of love and synchronicity to transform lives and the very real possibility of life after death but this documentary certainly given me pause for thought – and caution.

Would love your thoughts if you get a chance to watch it. Here’s the link. It’s on catch up TV for next couple of weeks. I think it is a must watch for any seeker of the truth.

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