Signs of the afterlife #1

Invisible Sensations

It’s something you can’t see, but you can feel it touch you. Nothing illustrates this better than this story sent to me by Mick. 
I lost my daughter two years ago. She was only seventeen months and it hit my marriage really hard. So hard that my wife and I split up. I missed my daughter terribly when she passed, but after splitting from my wife the pain was unbearable. I felt so alone.

I’m not ashamed to say – as I think tears in both men and women are a sign of strength not weakness – that many nights I would cry myself to sleep. I started to leave the TV on at night so that I would not feel alone as I’d hear the sound of voices. Ten days after my wife moved out I remember waking up in the early hours of the morning and the TV wasn’t on. There was no reassuring sound. I panicked, but then I felt someone holding my hand. My hand was outside the duvet. The hand was tiny and it felt electric and warm. I was wide awake at that point, but I pretended to be asleep as the tiny hand in mine was so comforting. 
Then I felt a gentle kiss on my hand. My daughter used to kiss my hand when I held hers. I knew it was her. I felt her all around me. I drifted off to a peaceful sleep and in the morning when I woke up I knew my daughter was alive somewhere and always would be with me. It is the most comforting feeling.

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