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Signs of the afterlife #10

Earth angels

The last significant afterlife calling card is heaven reaching out to you through the compassion and kindness of other people. Everytime someone in your life goes out of their way to help or to show compassion and kindness – and particularly when that person is a stranger you have not met before and don’t meet again – heaven is sending you a clear sign that you are loved from above. Here is a beautiful story sent to me by Angelina:

Don’t believe it

A few years ago, I was getting some petrol from a service station and I noticed a lady sitting in the car beside me with her head in her hands. She had two dogs in the back and a child of about ten asleep in the seat next to her. I didn’t think much of it, but when I came back from paying for my petrol she was still there in the same position. I gently knocked on the window and asked if she was OK. She looked up and I could see that her mascara was running down her face. She told me that she had lost her purse and couldn’t pay for the petrol. Her phone battery was dead and she couldn’t call anybody. I didn’t think twice. I offered her some cash to pay for her petrol. She asked for my address to send the money back and told me that I was an angel. As I drove home I realised that I couldn’t afford to give away the cash and that the chances were I might never see my money again, but in my heart I felt good about myself. Two days later a letter arrived and the lady returned my cash. She also put an angel charm in the envelope and a short note. She wrote: ‘It’s people like you who make me believe heaven is real. My husband died a month ago and I’m still in shock. I miss him greatly. He always used to tell me to bring my purse when I went out just in case he forgot to bring his wallet. He never forgot his wallet and I got into the habit of going out without my purse. I forgot on the day you rescued me. This may sound strange but what you did made me feel that my husband hasn’t gone.’

Read more stories like this in my book Answers from Heaven (Piatkus). Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash.

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  1. Paul Sawicki on June 1, 2019 at 11:40 am

    I find this so interesting and I’m into reading your amazing book: ‘Answers from Heaven.’ I hope that you can help me later on this month, from Paul Sawicki.

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