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Signs of the afterlife #5


The afterlife can speak through the written word. Books or social media posts like this one with the perfect advice for you may appear at the ideal time – magazine features too, online articles or even posters, car-registration plates or T-shirt designs. Or perhaps you may overhear a conversation, hear something on the radio or see something on TV or online that offers the right advice, mentions something that speaks directly to your heart or reminds you of something a departed loved one would say. Don’t dismiss this as coincidence.

As you’re reading I’d like you to think about how it came to you. Was it passed on by a friend or relative or loved one, or if a book did you go into a bookshop and were somehow drawn to it, even though you had no intention. Or perhaps you literally stumbled across it or found it left behind on a Tube, bus or train. I love it when people tell me about the ‘surprising’ and unusual ways one of my angel books, or books by other angel or spirit authors, ended up in their hands, and I don’t feel surprised at all. Believe me, the fact that you are reading this book now means it found its way into your hands for a reason. Just like a white feather, a cloud, a butterfly or a coin it is an afterlife calling card and you were guided to it and are meant to read it.

Read more about signs of the afterlife in my book Answers from Heaven.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash.

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