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Reader stories: Premonitions

Hello Theresa, I’ve been in touch with you before when we lost our dear mum to Alzheimer’s. My sister contacted you as did I as needed comfort and belief which you gave us, thank you. I recently had a premonition I wanted to tell you about. Many years ago I was friendly, still am, with…

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Reader stories: Crossing over

Dear Theresa It’s been a while since we were in touch but I suddenly picked up one of your books, An Angel Saved Me, which I started to read again. I decided to contact you with two things that happened over the past year. The first concerns my best friend of over 40 years who…

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Reader stories: Dying Young

Theresa Cheung

This deeply moving story sent to my [email protected] email by Joyce. ‘Dear Theresa, I know that we are more than our bodies. I know that because I believe that I have seen heaven. When I was twelve I was in a riding accident and doctors struggled to revive me. Sounds strange but dying young was…

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An extraordinary conversation with heaven

Sincerely hope this blog speaks to you. Do sign up to my newsletter to be notified about future blogs. Before diving into this channelled conversation with heaven, here’s some background information: If you’ve read my books you’ll know that my writing is spiritual but not religious and that although my preference is direct contact with…

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