Watkins Books talk about How to find Heaven

11781596_1642074222705794_4665302058370824327_nAs you know, a week ago today, I did a talk at Watkins Books about my new book How to find Heaven.

I was very apprehensive before I went as it had been a while since I’ve done anything like this.  However, the people who came, along with the staff at Watkins, made me feel so welcome and once I started talking, you couldn’t shut me up!

I feel that when you have a passion to share such as I do, to get the UK to just open their minds to all the possibilities that are around them, the words just don’t stop coming.  I really do wish that we could make the UK much more spiritual, there will be a massive shift which can only be for the better.

Here’s the YouTube video .

I’d love you watch it and let me know your comments on my Facebook page.  And enjoy!



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