White Shores

White Shores | #10 When Science and Spirit Meet Part I with Dr Cassandra Vieten and Dr Arnaud Delorme

In the first of two bumper science meets spirit episode I talk to two scientists currently leading the world forward in consciousness research:

Dr Cassandra Vieten, is a former president and now a fellow of IONS. She is a psychologist, author, public speaker and world renowned expert in mind body healing. Read more: https://noetic.org/profile/cassandra-vieten

Dr. Arnaud Delorme contributed to development of the widely-used Matlab toolbox for electroencephalography(EEG) analysis, EEGLAB. He has been acknowledged for his contribution to the field of EEG research by being awarded a Bettencourt-Schueller young investigator award in 2002. His research has focused on pure neuroscience methods, as well as on the neuroscience of mind wandering, meditation, and so-called mediums. Read more: https://noetic.org/profile/arnaud-delorme

Do visit IONS www.noetic.org/Theresa-Cheung to collect your free Theresa Cheung gifts.

Huge thanks to Cluainri.com for permission to use their heavenly music from their album from Lips of Angels, several of the tracks on that album were inspired by one of my books, An Angel Changed My Life.

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  1. Matt on November 12, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    I really enjoyed listening to the program. I deeply related to Dr Cassandra Vieten’s description of “being in the flow.” I experience the same. Mostly my life is not in the flow. I fight the flow. It is due to attachments and desire. I get the messages but disregard them due to aforementioned. I was also impressed with her background and all of her work, I enjoy studying similar subjects.

    I am not much into mediums. I do appreciate that Dr. Delorme’s studies and analyzes meditation. I very much into the Noetic. Overall, I am very impressed and appreciative of the work IONS has done.

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