White Shores

White Shores | #14 Do you believe in Angels?

In this concluding episode of Season 1 of White Shores Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling angel and spiritual growth author and host of White Shores, Theresa Cheung speaks from the heart about angels: what they are and how to see, hear and sense your own angels. Theresa also shares angel stories from her readers and a mini angel meditation.

To find out more about angels and Theresa’s spiritual mission visit: www.theresacheung.com

You can contact Theresa via her author pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or email Theresa at: angeltalk710@aol.com

To find out more about the music used for Theresa’s meditation in this episode and used throughout the whole series of White shores visit: www.cluainri.com 

Huge thanks to Cluainri.com for permission to use their heavenly music from their album from Lips of Angels, several of the tracks on that album were inspired by one of my books, An Angel Changed My Life.

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