White Shores

White Shores | Episode #1 Proof of Heaven? with Dr Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

In the very first episode of White Shores I talk to to Harvard neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander III and Sacred Acoustics founder, Karen Newell about earth, heaven and everything in between.

We discuss the reality and science of near death experiences and the experiences that led Eben to write the New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven in which narrates his extraordinary journey to heaven when he was in a coma. During this journey he met a girl on a butterfly that he later discovered was a departed sister he never knew he had. Eben is joined by his life and work partner, Karen Newell who runs Sacred acoustics and together they talk about their mission to remind the world that there is more than the material and love is all that really matters.

To find out more about Eben and Karen’s work and sign up to the free email course Eben mentions visit:

ebenalexander.com – Sign up to the free email course
sacredacoustics.com – Free downloads and stacks of free info and research.

Both websites are a treasure trove of free gifts and information.

Check out Eben’s New York Times Bestseller Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe by both Eben and Karen.


  • Eben talks about his NDE
  • Eben shares what seeing heaven is like
  • Karen tells us what it is like living and working with a man who has seen heaven
  • Karen talks about Sacred Acoustics and using sound to heal, comfort and inspire
  • Eben and Karen talk about their joint mission to bring love and healing to the world
  • Eben and Karen talk about their free spiritual development email course.

Also in this episode…

I look at some of the arguments for and against near death experiences.

I share a NDE story sent to me by one of my readers.

I share an intuition igniting ritual inspired by near death experience stories

Huge thanks to Cluainri.com for permission to use their heavenly music from their album from Lips of Angels, several of the tracks on that album were inspired by one of my books, An Angel Changed My Life (Simon & Schuster)

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