Theresa Cheung

Wisdom from Theresa Cheung: Science Meets Spirit – The Big Seance Podcast #79

Experience the beautiful energy and wisdom of Theresa Cheung as she shares evidence that we are all spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, plus science, religion, and doubt!

In this episode: 

  • heavencalledmynameEpisode Preview :00
  • Intro 1:58
  • Cool connections and what’s coming up later in the episode 2:31
  • Meet Theresa Cheung! 4:45
  • Teaming up with previous Big Seance guest, Medium Claire Broad, Science and the paranormal, and Spiritualism in the UK 8:56
  • Religion and a search for meaning 13:37
  • It turns out Patrick has had a misconception of Spiritualism in the UK, plus cynicism in the UK 14:51
  • Grab your light saber! A collaboration with the leader of the Jedi Church 23:12
  • Reaching young people and “Millennials” 27:18
  • “Doubt is the path to Heaven” 31:48
  • What does Heaven look like? 34:15
  • Depression 38:14
  • “Be utterly unique!” More of Theresa’s message and where to go for more info! 44:45
  • New to the work of Theresa Cheung? The Afterlife is Real is perhaps the first book you should check out! 51:13
  • Listener Feedback! EVP caught in a previous episode? 59:05
  • Outro 1:04:47

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