What does seeing 11:11 mean?

The number of times I have glanced at my watch or mobile and seen that the time is 11:11 or noticed that I have received a significant email or text at 11:11 is always a source of great delight to me because I just know now that this is heaven sending me a gentle sign, reminding me that I can experience heaven in this present moment.

Indeed, whenever I see the 11:11 sign I always try to stop what I am doing and take a few moments to reflect and send thoughts of love and gratitude to departed loved ones in spirit. It doesn’t have to be 11:11 though as I’ve also had letters about repeating 2 and 3s or other numbers.

The repeating numbers could be ones that remind you of departed loved ones or significant dates associated with them, their birthdate, for example, or the age that they passed. They could also be numbers that are personally significant to you, for example, if you are born on the 8th of the month you may see the number 8 everywhere and each time it gives you pause for thought. But the number I get by far the most correspondence and questions about is definitely repeating number 11s. So many people have written to tell me about the 11:11 phenomenon it could be the subject of its own afterlife calling card book. Do you often see 11:11 let me know below.

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